Class 1 Worksheets with Free PDF

Class 1 Worksheets with Free PDF: Worksheets are proven to be one of the best ways to teach kids in a fun way. We offer varieties in each worksheet to keep your child interested and engaged in their learning. Here you will get class 1 worksheets of the following subjects English, maths, Evs, general knowledge (GK), and computer.

Teachers and parents can take the printouts of class 1 worksheets and help the kids practice these worksheets which are absolutely free. Hope you find all the worksheets for class 1 very useful and interesting.

English Worksheets for Class 1

Rules to Change Singular Nouns into Plural Nouns

Worksheets on Singular Nouns and Plural Nouns for Class 1 – Free PDF

Nouns Worksheets for Class 1 – Free PDF

General Knowledge (GK) for Class 1

GK Questions and Answers for Class 1
National Symbols of India
GK on Solar System
Christmas GK
First Woman in India
First in India
Did You Know Facts

EVS Worksheets for Class 1

Me and My Body for Class 1
My Family and My Neighbours for Class 1
Food We Eat for Class 1
Water for Class 1
My Home for Class 1
Clothes We Wear for Class 1
We Need Air for Class 1
Keeping Clean and Healthy for Class 1
Keeping Safe for Class 1
Neighbourhood for Class 1
Types of Plants – Concept
Parts of a Plant – Concept
Uses of Plants – Concept
Photosynthesis for Kids – Concept
Plants Around Us for Class 1
Animals Around Us for Class 1
Means of Transport for Class 1
Means of Communication for Class 1
The Sky and Weather for Class 1

Computer Worksheets for Class 1

Computer A Machine for Class 1
Uses of a Computer for Class 1
Parts of a Computer for Class 1

Class 1 Sample Question Paper with Answers

EVS Sample Paper (Set A) for Class 1 – Free PDF

Logical Reasoning Questions

Logical Reasoning (Set 1)

Syllabus for Class 1

Class 1 Syllabus – Free PDF

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