Class 2 Computer Worksheet How Computers Work Free PDF

This article will provide various computer worksheet for class 2 on How Computers Work. After doing all these computer worksheets for class 2, kids will easily understand how does a computer work. You can also download Class 2 Computer Worksheets in pdf.

Along with these computer worksheets, you can take examples of tasks from everyday life done by the kids and help them identify the input, process and output. Encourage them to compare people with computers.

Key concepts of these computer worksheets for class 2 are –

  • I-P-O cycle
  • Differences between people and computers
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a computer

All machines take input, process it, and give output. These three steps form the input-process-output (I-P-O) cycle. Like other machines, a computer also follows the input-process-output (I-P-O) cycle.

Input is the data and the instructions we give to a computer. Data can be numbers, words and pictures. Instructions are the commands we give to do a task. We use a mouse or keyboard to input data.

Process is what a computer does to the data. A CPU is used to process data.

Output is the result we get after processing the data. The monitor shows us the output.

Computer Worksheet for Class 2 on How Computers Work:

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