Class 2 EVS Worksheets My Family with Free PDF

Class 2 EVS Worksheets on My Family and My Neighbours: We live with our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. Some of us live with our uncles, aunts and cousins. Our uncles, aunts and cousins form our extended family. We enjoy getting together with our extended family.

Our neighbours are those who live next to us or very near us. We invite our neighbours to our homes on birthdays and festivals. Our neighbours help us when we need any help. We must also help our neighbours.

Here you will find free EVS worksheets on my family and my neighbours for class 2 kids. After doing all the EVS worksheets for class 2, children will be able to identify and speak about the relationship he/she has with extended family members.

These EVS worksheets will help your kid to take their step towards learning more about their family and neighbours. They will be able to show care and concern towards old, sick and differently-abled people.

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