Computer A Machine Worksheet for Class 1 Free PDF

Computer A Machine Worksheet is prepared for Class 1 students to make them aware of the different human-made and natural objects. The computer worksheet for class 1 will help them to identify a computer as a machine and learn its characteristics and functions. They will discover different types of computers and their parts. After doing all these computer worksheets for class 1 they will easily differentiate between human-made and natural objects.

A computer is a smart machine. It runs on electricity and works faster than we do. A computer never gets tired. It does not make mistakes. That’s why a computer is called a smart machine.

A computer gives correct answers and stores a lot of information. Computers come in different sizes. The types of computer based on their sizes are Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone.

Computer Worksheet for Class 1 on Computer A Machine:

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