Essay on My Pet Dog for Kids

Essay on My Pet Dog: An essay on my pet dog or my pet animal is one of the most important topics for essay writing at school for kids. Here we have brought to you very easy and simple lines on my pet dog for kids.

Essay on My Pet Dog

I have a pet dog and his name is Jimmy. He is 2 years old, and white in colour with black spots of different shapes and sizes spread all over his body. Jimmy’s favourite food is meat, but he enjoys bread, cookies and sweets equally. He is obedient and a very quick learner.

Every morning, I wake up with Jimmy’s cold nose rubbing my forehead, as if he is in charge of waking me up for school.
When I go to school, my mother looks after him. He is always there to welcome me when I return from school. He loves to play football with me. I also enjoy a lot playing with him. During holidays, my father and I often go for a morning walk with Jimmy. He barks at the strangers and guards our house. He is very active all the time. I share all my secrets with him and I miss him a lot when I am not at home. I love him so much. All my friends love him too.

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