Essay on Summer Season for Kids in English

Essay on Summer Season: Summer is one of four seasons on Earth. Among all of the seasons, the summer season is the hottest one. Here we have provided very easy lines on the summer season for kids in English.

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Essay on Summer Season

Summer is the hottest season of the year. April, May, and June are the summer months. We feel very hot during these months. During the summer season, days are longer and nights are shorter. Wells, ponds, rivers, and other water sources dry up during this season, and a water crisis is faced in many places. The field looks dry and cracked. The sky looks clear at this time.

We use umbrellas, caps, and sunglasses and wear light cotton clothes in summer. We love to swim during the summer. During the summer season, we like to eat ice-creams and drink lots of water and juices to keep us cool. Children enjoy this season the most as they get summer vacation and a long break from studies. Summer also brings various mouth-watering fruits like mangoes, watermelons, litchi, chikoo, musk melon, etc which helps to fight the scorching heat and relaxes our body.

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