Math Worksheets for LKG (Set A) with Free PDF

The best way to teach math is to develop a love for math and our colourful and fun learning worksheets for kids will solve the purpose. Worksheets help kids to grasp the concepts easily. We have a wide range of math worksheets for kindergarten. So we have divided all the worksheets under set A, set B … like this. This article is on the LKG math worksheet (Set A).

Our Lower Kindergarten or LKG Mathematics Worksheets include the following topics –

  • Identifying shapes worksheet
  • Identifying tall and short worksheets
  • Identification of large and small worksheets
  • Missing numbers worksheet
  • Pattern worksheet
  • Counting numbers worksheet
  • What comes after, before, and in between worksheet
  • Write number names for a given number worksheet
  • Count and match number worksheet
  • and many moreā€¦

Explore more: Download LKG Worksheets for Maths, and English subjects. Click on the LKG Syllabus to know the latest LKG class syllabus in India.

LKG Math Worksheets

colour pictures with key-lkg math worksheet
Colour Pictures with Key- Free PDF
things that go together-1-lkg math worksheet
Things That Go Together-1- Free PDF
odd one out-1-lkg math worksheet
Odd One Out-1 – Free PDF
things that go together-2-lkg math worksheet
Things That Go Together-2- Free PDF
odd one out-2-lkg math worksheet
Odd One Out-2- Free PDF
identifying size-lkg math worksheet
Identifying Size – Free PDF
identical pairs-lkg math worksheet
Identical Pairs – Free PDF

More Maths Worksheet for LKG

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