Math Worksheets for LKG (Set B) with Free PDF

Mathematics is one of the important subjects that is introduced to LKG students. In this stage, students get introduced to the concept of numbers. Hence in order to make mathematics interesting for Lower Kindergarten students, we have provided some colourful worksheets for LKG.

Maths worksheet for LKG class comes with interesting visuals, pictures, and colours to make learning super fun and engaging. Our interesting and interactive LKG Math Worksheets PDF includes the following concepts:

  • Write numbers 1 to 10 worksheet
  • Count and write
  • Count and write worksheets
  • Count and circle the correct number
  • Count and colour
  • Count the number
  • Backward counting

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LKG Maths Worksheets PDF:

lkg math worksheet-set b-1
Write Numbers – Free PDF
lkg math worksheet-set b-5
Count and Colour – Free PDF
lkg math worksheet-set b-2
Count and Write – Free PDF
lkg math worksheet-set b-6
Count the Number – Free PDF
lkg math worksheet-set b-3
1 to 10 Counting – Free PDF
lkg math worksheet-set b-7
Backward Counting – Free PDF
lkg math worksheet-set b-4
Count and Circle the Correct Number Free PDF

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