Myself Essay for Kids – Easy Lines on Myself

Myself 10 Lines – Easy Lines on Myself: Kids generally enjoy writing on themselves because it allows them to write each and everything that they do regularly. Here are a few easy lines on myself in English for reference for LKG, UKG, class 1 and class 2 kids. Some video references for “myself essay for kids” are also there.

Myself 10 Lines

  1. My name is Mohan Singh.
  2. I am 8 years old.
  3. I study in Class 3.
  4. My father’s name is Vishal Singh and my mother’s name is Mona Singh.
  5. I have a younger brother.
  6. I like playing cricket.
  7. Biryani is my favourite food.
  8. I love watching cartoons.
  9. I want to become a teacher.
  10. I respect my parents and teachers.

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Myself Essay for LKG & UKG Kids:

My name is Riya Sharma. I am a girl. I am 5 years old. My birthday is on April 1st. My school’s name is UGMS Delhi. I study in UKG, section F. My mother’s name is Priya Sharma. My father’s name is Rohan Sharma. Pink is my favourite colour. I love to eat chocolate cake. My best friend’s name is Raju. I play with him. My teacher’s name is Neha Ma’am. I like her very much. I like to play football.

Video Reference – 10 lines on Myself for LKG & UKG Kids:

Paragraph on Myself for Class 1 and Class 2:

My name is Rahul Singh. My family and friends call me by my nickname, Sonu. I am seven years old. I love reading storybooks and playing football. Blue is my favourite colour.

I live in a small family with my father and mother. My father is a doctor while my mother is a homemaker. They both love me a lot. I love going to school every day. My class teacher is very nice and polite.

I always do my homework on time. I love to draw and also I love to recite poems. My favourite cartoon character is Doraemon and I love to watch cartoons. I always try to help my mother and father by keeping all the toys in the right place after playing with them. I am more close to my mother and I share everything with her. My parents, pamper me a lot. I love my parents and friends and they love me too.

Video Reference – Myself for Class 1 & Class 2:

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