Parts of a Plant with Functions and Diagram

Parts of a Plant: Plants are found in almost all parts of the world. They are beautiful and useful gifts of nature. Plants give us fruits, flowers, vegetables, cereals, pulses, wood, rubber, medicine, gums, etc.

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Plants have many parts. Different parts serve different functionalities. The part of the plant that is seen growing above the ground level is called the shoot system while the part of the plant which grows below the ground is called the root system.

Parts of a Plant:

The main parts of a plant are:

  • Roots
  • Stems
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Fruits

Parts of a Plant Diagram:

Parts of a Plant Diagram


Roots are the most important part of a plant as they absorb water and other useful substances from the soil, for the plant. Roots grow under the ground. The roots of plants provide support to the plant and also hold the soil together. Roots of many plants like carrot, radish, and beetroot also store food for the plant.

There are two types of roots – Tap root and Fibrous root.

Some plants have one main thick root with thinner roots emerging from it. They grow deep inside the soil. This type of root is called tap root. Most of the trees like the mango tree and neem tree have tap roots.

On the other hand, some plants do not have one main root. Instead of that, they have a bunch of small, thin roots growing from the base of the stem. Such types of roots are called fibrous roots. Coconut trees, rice, wheat, and grasses have fibrous roots.


The stem of plants grows above the ground. It is the main part of the shoot. It can be thick or thin. It helps the plant to stand upright. It bears branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The stem carries water and minerals from the roots to the leaves and also carries food prepared by the leaves to different parts of plants.

Some stems like onion, potatoes, ginger, and garlic grow under the ground. They store food for the plants.


Leaves are of different shapes and sizes. They are mostly green in colour. Leaves prepare food for the plants through the process of photosynthesis. That is why leaves are known as the food factory of plants.


Flowers are the most beautiful part of a plant. They are of different shapes, sizes, and colours. Most of them have a sweet and pleasant fragrance. They are known as the reproductive part of a plant. Most flowers grow into fruits and fruits contain seeds. So their main function is to produce seeds. Flowers contain nectar that attracts bees and butterflies.


Fruits store seeds and seeds grow into new plants. Fruits are of different tastes, colours, shapes, and sizes. Actually, fruits are the fleshy part of the plants that protect the seeds. Most of the fruits are juicy and soft. Some fruits contain only one seed like mangoes, litchis, and cherries. Papayas, melons, and tomatoes contain many seeds.

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