Parts of Computer Worksheet for Class 1 Free PDF

Nowadays computers play a very important role in our daily lives. They help us complete various tasks in less time. So to make the best use of it, we should understand the different parts of a computer. In this article, we have shared the various parts of a computer through worksheets that a class 1 student should know.

Parts of the Computer for Class 1

Monitor: A monitor looks like a TV and is connected to the CPU through a wire. We can see the output as pictures, text, and videos on the monitor.

Keyboard: The keyboard is a combination of keys that are used to type letters, numbers, and symbols.

Mouse: The mouse is a small device that we use to move objects around the screen, click on things, and select text with our hands to control the computer.

CPU: CPU stands for Central Processing Unit and is the brain of a computer. It does all the processing work and makes sure everything works correctly.

Hard Drive: The hard drive is a big storage where all our files are stored.

Speakers: Using speakers we hear sound from the computer. We can hear music, sound effects, and voices from the speakers.

Computer Worksheet for Class 1

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on Computer Worksheet for Class 1

What are the parts of the computer for Class 1?

The main computer parts that can be taught to Class 1 students are- monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU (Central Processing Unit).

What is a computer grade 1?

For grade 1 students, it is important to introduce basic computer skills in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Computer study for grade 1 includes understanding the main parts of a computer, how to use a mouse and keyboard, internet safety, simple computer games, and activities to engage young learners.

What are the four main parts of computers for Class 1?

The four main parts of computers for class 1 are – monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU (Central Processing Unit).

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