Punctuation Worksheets for Class 2 with Free PDF

Punctuation Worksheets for Class 2: While speaking, to make our meaning clear, we pause, stop and change the tone of our voice. This helps everyone to understand what we are saying. Similarly, when we write, we have to use punctuation marks to make our writing meaningful and clear.

We have free punctuation worksheets for class 2 or 2nd-grade kids. These English worksheets for class 2 include the use of full stop (.), capital letters, question marks (?), commas (,) and exclamation marks (!). To see the Answer Key for each punctuation worksheet just Scroll Down.

Capital Letters and Full Stop:

A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. Example : Our school team won the first prize.

The pronoun “I” is written in capital letter wherever it appears. Example : Disha and I study in the same school.

A proper noun always begins with a capital letter. Example : I live in Mumbai.

Question Mark (?):

A sentence that asks a question ends with a question mark. Example : Who won the quiz competition?

Comma (,):

We use commas to separate words in a list. Don’t put a comma before “and” in a list. Example : We saw a lion, a giraffe, an elephant and three deer in the zoo.

Exclamation mark (!):

we use exclamation mark (!) at the end of a word or a sentence to show surprise, shock, excitement or a strong feeling. Example : Hurrah! We did it again. What an enjoyable party!

Class 2 English Worksheets on Punctuation Marks:

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Class 2 Punctuation Worksheet Answer Key:

Class 2 Punctuation Worksheet – 1

Rewrite the sentences with correct punctuation.

  1. Where is my book

Ans: Where is my book?

2. We play football cricket tennis and chess in school

Ans: We play football, cricket, tennis and chess in school.

3. What a beautiful day

Ans: What a beautiful day!

4. How are you feeling today

Ans: How are you feeling today?

5. My favourite fruits are apple mango guava and grapes

Ans: My favourite fruits are apple, mango, guava and grapes.

Insert commas in the following sentences.

1. I can play cricket badminton basketball and chess.

Ans: I can play cricket, badminton, basketball and chess.

2. The stationery shop had all kinds of pens pencils crayons and erasers.

Ans: The stationery shop had all kinds of pens, pencils, crayons and erasers.