Winter Season Essay in English for Kids (10 Lines)

The winter season is one of the four seasons in India. It is the coldest season of the year. Depending on the hemisphere, winter months and duration vary widely from place to place all around the globe. When the Northern Hemisphere experience winter, the Southern Hemisphere experience summer, and vice versa.

winter season essay

Here we have provided an essay on the winter season for kids so that they can take help while writing a winter season paragraph or 10 lines essay. Like the paragraph on the winter season, we have also provided the summer season essay and the rainy season essay for your and your kid’s convenience.

Winter Season Essay in English (10 Lines Essay)

  • Winter season is the coldest season of the year.
  • The Winter season in India starts in the month of November and ends in February.
  • December and January are the coldest months of the season.
  • In the winter season, night becomes longer and day becomes shorter.
  • In hilly areas, people experience heavy snowfall in winter.
  • We keep ourselves warm by wearing winter clothes like jackets, sweaters, and coats.
  • Festivals like Christmas, Lohri, Pongal, Makar sankranti, etc take place in winter.
  • Though most people enjoy this season, some face difficulties.
  • We get a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables during this season.
  • Many colourful flowers bloom in this season and make the season more beautiful.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on Winter Season

Q. Which winter fruits are available in the winter season in India?

Ans. Some of the most consumed winter fruits in India are oranges, pomegranates, custard apples, guavas, grapes, etc. These juicy winter fruits not only taste great but also boost our immunity and maintain our body temperature.

Q. Which flowers grow in the winter season in India?

Ans. There are so many flowers that bloom in the winter season in India. A few winter flowers in India are dahlia, marigolds, petunia, roses, calendula, pansy, daffodils, etc.

Q. What are the 10 best winter vegetables in India?

Ans. Indian winter vegetables are very colorful and extremely nutritious which help us to keep ourselves healthy. The 10 best winter vegetables in India are carrots, beetroots, spinach, radish, fenugreek leaves, green peas, mustard leaves, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, etc.

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