Words with U Sound Worksheet with Free PDF

The letter U is one of the five English vowels. To teach U sound words, parents and teachers can introduce kids to some short U sound words. Our words list provides some short U words for kids. These vowel U-sound words can easily be recognized by pictures that can help preschoolers to identify U-sound words with pictures.

This article focuses mainly on short three-letter U phonics words. We have a huge collection of phonics worksheets of A sound words, E sound words, I sound words, O sound words, and U-sound words. Interactive worksheets with colorful pictures help kids learn and understand the meaning of U phonics words very easily.

Explore more: Download UKG English Worksheet for kids to practice at home. Click on the UKG Syllabus to know the latest Upper Kindergarten syllabus in India.

Short U Sound Words PDF:

u sound words - ukg english worksheet-1
U Sound Words with Pictures – UKG English Worksheet – Free PDF
u sound words - ukg english worksheet-2
U Sound Words – UKG English Worksheet – Free PDF
u sound words - ukg english worksheet-3
Phonics U Sound Words – UKG English Worksheet – Free PDF

Teachers and parents can take the printouts and help the kids to practice these phonics worksheets which are absolutely free. Hope you find all the short U sound words list very useful and interesting. Keep exploring Kidsa2z to find more resources related to beginner UKG English worksheets.

Frequently Asked Questions on U sound words for kids

What are some U words for kids?

Some examples of short U-sound words for kids include mug, sun, bus, cup, hut, gum, cut, mud, nut, bun, and tub.

What words have a long U sound?

Some examples of long U-sound words for kids include music, uniforms, cube, unicorn, tube, etc.

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