Worksheets for Class 3 with Free PDF

Worksheets for Class 3: Class 3 Worksheets with Answers are available here at for various subjects like English, maths, general science, social science, general knowledge (GK), and computer. All these worksheets will definitely help your kid to revise the complete syllabus of class 3 and score good marks in their exams. These worksheets will improve your kid’s subject knowledge as well as problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way.

Teachers and parents can download and print third-grade worksheets free of cost to help students explore various topics and improve the academic performance of their kids.

English Worksheet for Class 3

Class 3 English Grammar Worksheet (Set – A) – Free PDF

General Knowledge ( GK ) for Class 3

GK Questions and Answers for Class 3 – Free PDF

Science Worksheet for Class 3

Living and Non-Living Things – Free PDF

Forms of Matter – Solid, Liquid, and Gas – Free PDF

Class 3 Human Body Worksheet – Free PDF

Social Science Worksheet for Class 3

Changes in Transport System – Free PDF

Computer Worksheet for Class 3

How Computer Works – Free PDF

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