Worksheets on Pre Number and Pre-Language Skill

Worksheets on pre-number and pre-language skill: It is very important for the kids to introduce the pre-number concept before introducing basic maths. Preschool is the right time to start developing pre-number and pre-language concepts. They can’t do addition or subtraction without knowing the difference between small numbers and big numbers.

Before learning about the numbers, they should know the difference between big and small, tall and short, long and short, fat and thin, biggest and smallest, shapes, etc. So these pre-number and pre-language printable worksheets are going to be very helpful for your kid if you want to improve their skills.

Here we have included various types of worksheets like – find the odd one out, identifying the big object, identifying the small object, matching the same pictures, and so on. Click on the ‘Free PDF’ link under each picture to get the worksheets on pre-number and pre-language skills.

Our wide variety of free worksheets for nursery class and worksheets for LKG class are specifically designed to include all the age-appropriate skills to improve focus and attention as well as thinking and reasoning skills.

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